Thursday, 12 July 2012

'An Excellent Tournament' - Victor Wanyama

Nice to get another high profile endorsement for the East Africa Cup - joining rapper Emmanuel Jal and former world champion athlete Wilson Kiptiker is the Celtic and Kenya midfielder Victor Wanyama in providing a message of support for the event.

He said: "The East Africa Cup is an excellent tournament which brings together young East Africans to exchange ideas and learn important life skills."

There are plenty of unsung heroes at the EAC, which is about community sport and education throughout the year, rather than finding the next Premier League players. 

the Burundi sitting volleyball team were amongst the stars of this year's East Africa Cup

The event is powered by volunteers, and teams involved know that things like staying in school, learning about first aid and gaining leadership skills are realistic goals which can improve communities.

It's great to hear that top athletes and musicians are taking notice of the EAC's work and supporting it. - former athlete Wilson Kiptiker - South Sudanese rapper Emmanuel Jal - Celtic and Kenya footballer Victor Wanyama

...and not forgetting this blast from the blast, former Ugandan striker Mike Letti at the 2009 East Africa Cup!

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